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Cross-section of a computer hard drive. Cross-section of a computer hard drive.

illustrations, illustration, diagram, figure, components, details, computer, personal, technology, science, technological, computing, electronics, electronically, PC, home, system, hard drive, office, set-up, desktop, microcomputer, peripherals, machine, device, information, processing, data, communication, screen, equipment, actuator, parts, spindle, disk, arm, read/write, head, R/W, section, cross-section, interior, memory, secondary, storage, store, hardware, vertical

Photographer: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Model Release: No
Propert Release: No

illustrations,, illustration,, diagram,, figure,, components,, details,, computer,, personal,, technology,, science,, technological,, computing,, electronics,, electronically,, PC,, home,, system,, hard, drive,, office,, set-up,, desktop,, microcomputer,, peripherals,, machine,

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